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Dental implants are an incredible tooth replacement option that can help restore the functionality of one’s teeth and appearance of one’s smile. However, the process for placing traditional dental implants can take several weeks and multiple appointments. Along with that, people need an exact, or as close to exact, fit as possible when it comes to a tooth replacement. That is where our 3D Imaging and CBCT CT Scan comes into play.

CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography technology, the reason we are able to provide a precise tooth replacement for patients. By utilizing the Planmeca Promax® 3D technology, we are able to greatly enhance and speed up tooth replacement process from scanning the patient’s teeth to inserting the artificial implant.

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The Planmeca ProMax® 3D System

The Planmeca ProMax 3D System is an all-in-one unit that includes:

  • Software-driven platform
  • X-ray imaging software
  • Flexible robotic arm to take panoramic images at unique angles
  • 3D Model scan
  • 3D Face photo software

With this technology, we can help to customize the treatment to the patient’s specific mouth down to the minutest detail. Far too often, patients will go through the traditional process only to find that their dental implant or crown does not fit perfectly. In other cases, the teeth may begin to shift and change the space for the artificial tooth.

Thus, the patient will struggle with the adjustment period and having to repeat the process all over again. We can help the patient to receive an exact replacement tooth or teeth with this technology. By doing so, the patient will have a durable and effective replacement tooth through an efficient process. This can also help to ease the transition process after the placement. To help enhance the process, this system includes:

Low Dose X-ray

The Planmeca Ultra Low Dose can reach up to a 77 percent reduction in radiation to help prevent any potential exposure issues for patients. The other benefit is that this reduction does not hinder the quality of the images from the X-ray. We understand the concerns some people might have with getting X-rays and so, this system can help to accommodate those concerns.

Flexible Robotic Arm (Planmeca SCARA Technology)

With the Selectively Compliant Articulated Robotic Arm, SCARA, we are able to accomplish much more than an average imaging machine. This arm allows us to manipulate the position of the camera to get more detailed images at better angles with programs not available on other brands of this technology.

3D Model Scan

With 3D model scanning, we can help to create an exact replica of the patient’s teeth and jaw. However, we can go beyond that to create a replica of the patient’s head in order to find the most effective fit. This technology can help create a digital model down to the bone, crowns and soft tissue in the mouth.

3D Face Photo Software

To effectively replace missing teeth of treat other issues in the teeth, it helps to have as accurate a replica of the face as possible. It is possible to accomplish this with one imaging session. We can use this to construct the specific replica of the teeth, jaw and any other component we need to complete the restoration.

The Process

After we determine the patient needs a dental implant or tooth replacement option, we will begin the process by scheduling an appointment. There are a variety of reasons for needing to replace adult teeth from knocking the tooth out to removing it so an infection does not spread to other teeth. In other cases, a patient may be nearly edentulous, which means missing most or all teeth. Whatever the reason, we will help create an exact fit for whatever we need to replace.

We will then take images of the patient’s face, create a 3D model of the specific area we need to focus on and develop the replacement component. Since we can maneuver the camera to any angle, we will be able to take precise photos while only needing minimal levels of radiation. Once we develop the replacement tooth or teeth, we will then begin the surgery for inserting it into the patient’s jaw.

The surgery will vary depending on the type of implant or restoration we are completing. Regardless, this technology will greatly enhance the process and help us customize the solution for the patient. This process also involves a Computer Generated Surgical Guide when placing the dental implant to enhance precision.


Since this process involves a large array of new technology, we understand there are bound to be questions from our patients. While we are happy to answer any questions during a consultation or appointment, here are a few of the common questions we hear.

How long will the entire process take?

The entire process can take one or several days, varying on a few factors. The first phase will require scanning the patient’s teeth and creating a 3D image. With that image, we can create the dental implant model and use our same-day implants system to create the dental implant. The condition of the patient and the patient’s schedule will determine the appointment process.

Will the X-rays and scanning be harmful to me?

No. By using the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose, we can reach up to a 77 percent reduction in radiation to help prevent any potential exposure.

Will the reduction in radiation lower the quality of the images?

No. This technology allows us to protect the patient and still maintain the quality of the images of the patient’s teeth.

How long will the adjustment period take?

Since the artificial implant will be as precise a fit as possible, the adjustment period will not take as long as with traditional implants. While the patient will need some time to adjust, the implant will begin to feel like a natural tooth.

Will there be extra care involved?

Not really. Following the procedure, the patient can clean the dental implant in the similar fashion to other teeth. We can go over proper oral hygiene techniques after the procedure.

What do I do if there are any issues after the procedure?

If you have any concerns or problems, do not hesitate to give us a call. We can help determine the cause of the issue and provide the necessary repairs. The important step is to call us as soon as possible to prevent the damage from getting worse.

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